Episode 1; Squash In Time

Well here we go! The first of our webseries, DISH IT OUT!!! As I’m learning my way around WordPress I hope you’ll be patient. Uploading videos and I are still in negotiations on who’s the boss. Who’s the boss? Well Tony, Dancer. Hold me closer Tony Danza. I digress. We appreciate all the hard work and support we’ve been getting along the way and want to especially thank DP Chris Gregson and Assistant Marie Petit. These two playmates of ours make work so easy and collaborating, oxygen. Chris’ direction has brought this project to Life and his mad camera skills make me look godlike. Marie brilliantly juggles tasks as some of those tasks is Juggling. Thank you,  Producer Michael Vinton without whom all those test recipes would be for the birds. Or the neighbors. Or my neighbors The Byrds. Oh, and thank you voices in my head, for occupying my attention for so many fun years!!

So cop a squat, pour some wine, tune in and get some DISH IT OUT! Come  hungry we are full of ourselves and very excited to share it with y’all.

We’re Hungry…………

…………for you to come on by and ‘set a spell’. We’re here, we’re……never mind that’s too cheap to finish. But we’re bringing you DISH IT OUT  w/ Tony Spatafora!!! A show of what happens with too much caffeine in your blood and a passion for food in your stomach. A show of great food, made easy. A show of simple ingredients, tasting terrific. A show of force, when somethings stuck. DISH IT OUT is a blog and webisode series that will profile what’s eating us; topically and or other wise, and what we’re eating (literally). We’re DISHING IT OUT with neighbors, colleagues and friends. We’re sharing family recipes and the craziness that inspired them.We’re sharing time saving tips that the School of Hard Knox has instilled in this avatar of chaos. We’re bringing in guests from around the world to share their Dish on what they like to eat, and what they were wearing when they did so.  On this blog we promise to amuse the bouche, and spread the cheese. We want to be that tasty treaty you eat in small, rationed bites. We want to inspire thru perspire and become a guilty pleasure. On this blog we will bring taste especially when we have none. You can ‘cop a squat’ in our kitchen, because everyone knows that’s where the heart of the party is. Come hungry as we DISH IT OUT!!!!!

I’m a self-taught cook who’s catered and waitered, tended and mended, soaked and (arti) choked my way around the food industry for 25 years. I’ve been in just about every position that the business has allotted me, and a few I’m too embarrassed to share. But I probably will get to those stories in our forum. I’ve worked in upscale, beach shack, ethnic, institutional, chain, home spun restaurants and have been thrilled at the prospect of trying some new taste or item. I can fixate on an ingredient for days on end, pairing it with everything under the sun or under the sink to bring the flavors to their next levels. I marveled at what my family has produced for years around the dinner table. The recipes and the tastes go hand in hand with the memories and the care that all my experiences have brought me. And I’m ready to share these as we DISH IT OUT!!!!

Watch for Episode One; “Squash In Time” to be airing here shortly.  And go eat something….