(pic courtesy of joyofkosher.com)

(pic courtesy of joyofkosher.com)

My first girlfriend was ravioli. Pasta and cheese all under the same blanket of sauce??? Oh, Mylanta, step back. If this is wrong, I don’t want to be right. I fell in love with this special made pasta and treasure our courtship. On Sundays after church Papa Spats would drive a couple of us children over to Ravioli Kitchen in Hartford, CT. This was a big moment on it’s own, so many of us vying for Pop’s attention, #winning. Ravioli Kitchen was an amazing smelling place that made these little pillows of joy. The rectangular box was pale blue with white and red accents. It was sealed with plastic red tape. Inside egg and cheese would waft. The pastas were in uniform rows, layers divided by parchment paper. Going to Ravioli Kitchen was like a treasure quest in many ways.

Great Sundays started here.

Great Sundays started here.

We would only have ravioli on special occasions, there were so many mouths to feed in our house growing up that ravioli every Sunday was not in the realm of possibilities. And with the appetites of Pop’s, Brother John’s and mine waiting, forget it. I remember those Sundays with great love. It meant quality time. It meant family time. It mean all my best friends were getting together for a little party on my plate. It was Yalta to the taste. Happy National Ravioli Day to you and yours. We hope your memories warm you too.

And a little ps here…….

Happy Birthday Sista Trish!!!! We’d put an embarrassing photo up to mark your special day, but remember that you can still punch pretty hard at your age. Go eat some ravioli, it’s the first day of Spring y’know! 

We Love Lucy!!!!

Guess who’s back? Back again? That’s right, it’s JR, Bobby and the  Ewing Family. TNT’s reboot of iconic TV’s ‘Dallas’ has invited a new generation to “Drill Baby, Drill” Sibling rivalry, deceit and GREED are back in vogue. Come share in the crude backstabbing, pun intended, and unabashed primetime drama that made a dynasty, pun intended again. The show has teeth, tenure and Texas, much more not needed. As it figures itself out it would behove the family dynamics to bring trouble maker little sister Lucy back for some added chaos. As a youth she turned Southfork on it’s ear with each bad decision, as an adult it would blow viewer minds to know how a vixens grow up and lessons she willingly shares. Keep growing Dallas! We’re watching.

Here’s little Lucy on a good day, with a knife and a smile. Miss Charlene Tilton, Ladies and Gentlemen.

oh, and look she’strending…

The face that launched a thousand bar fights.

Charlene Tilton returns to ‘DALLAS’ and Trouble hasn’t looked this good in a long time.

as American as it gets.