Tasty & Refreshing; It’s Dish It Out!!!

Our First Indiegogo Campaign!!

Greetings & Salutations to all our friends & family & fans!

We are embarking on our first crowd funding campaign to create the Third Season of Dish It Out!! Your support for the past two seasons has nurtured our incredible cooking series that’s –

“….one part talk, two parts cooking, three parts garlic.”

Funk It Up With Dish!M

Funk It Up With Dish!

please share wide & far! No amounts too small, unless it’s garlic and every bit helps, unless it’s cayenne.


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Happy Birthday, Jeff Parker!

Our Go-To-Grill-Ghuru is finally forty! And that’s our gift to him. Hee Hee.

Our gift to you is his episode, “All Up In Jeff Parker’s Grill” where we learn the intricacies of cooking over fire. It’s our first on location shoot and the first appearance of DISH DUDES!!! #MustSeePC.

Click photo for video…

Meat. It's What's For Dinner.

Meat. It’s What’s For Dinner.

Episode 2.04 “Moqueca: Asylum For Naomi”.


Here’s our little experiment, laboratory of love if you will, Enjoy the flavors & grand style of Naomi & Tony!

National Shrimp Day!

“Shellfish? No, she’s actually a very giving person.”

eat at Toe's

An old fave; Garlic Shrimp

Not to be confused with National Shrimp Scampi Day which was April 29th, today is National Shrimp Day!! Shriiiiimmmmppp!!! Tiny prawns of joy! The best prelude in a steakhouse experience. We love us some shrimp, in a big way. Every Christmas Aunty Lucy (aka Zia Lucia, Aunty Goosey, Aunty Alibi) would have a bowl of perfect shrimp cocktail out that my sister Carole and I would destroy. Shrimp tails would be in our hair (my mullet was good for something) cocktail napkins and in the sofa cushions. Cocktail sauce on the ceiling, it was a frenzy for two or more. As we got older, and our own jobs, we used to pad the amount of shrimp cocktail to a sickening degree. We would consume so many crustaceans that eating the actual dinner became challenging. This would be bad as Aunty Goosey would think we didn’t like something if we didn’t consume copious amounts. You don’t make an Italian aunt think you don’t like her food, it’s wrong. I am fairly confident that it’s in the Bible.

Karma Lounge LA's Popcorn Shrimp (click thru to site)

Karma Lounge LA’s Popcorn Shrimp (click thru to site)

Americans consume shrimp more than any other seafood, including salmon. Shrimp makes a salad a meal, a bloody mary a party and an allergist a practice. Shellfish is in the top eight food allergans. Shrimp can start a holiday meal and be equally dazzling as a romantic entree over pasta. In most guises shrimp is frequently found in the company of our very good friend, garlic. Shrimp grills, sautes, poaches, roasts and blackens. Shrimp is spicy, shrimp is sweet shrimp is versatile. Shrimp is a fantastic comedic device.

DIO! Producer Michael Vinton’s favorite buzz word is Shrimp. He’ll freely use it as an exclamation, declaration, nickname or adjective. “Shrimmmmp!!” “That’s shrimptastic…” “Hey Shrimp (anyone) I’ll need you on set by 9 am.” He freely poaches any kind of shrimp derivative to make conversation catchy (of the day).


Producer producing hysteria

Some would say crazy, others might say genius. He will say, “Shrimp”. The source of his addiction has been traced to a classic “Golden Girls” episode. As with all masterpieces, “Golden Girls” needs to be studied to enjoy the layers and layers of comedic brilliance. This particular episode involves a dwarf, the Girls and a dinner party. Comedy ensues here.

Happy National Shrimp Day!! Go get a pound or two of some nice size nibblet, toss with our DCS! (Dish! Creole Seasoning) and sautee up in some butter/oil. Remember that shrimp don’t take long to prepare, or devour. Shrrriiiiimmmmmmmppppp!!!


(Dish It Out! Creole Seasoning)

1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper

1/4 teasoon dried thyme

1/4 teaspoon dried basil

1/2 teaspoon rubbed sage

1/2 teaspoon fennel seed

1/2 teaspoon dried rosemary

3/4 teaspoon white pepper

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

1 teaspoon kosher salt



Put Our Screening On Your Colander!

We’re very excited!! Colander was always one of those words we were unsure of spelling correctly! A New Year! A New Accomplishment! This year doesn’t stop! Enough exclamations marks. We’re also very excited to be screening Ep. 8; “Jumpin’, Jivin’, Jambalaya” at Karma Lounge in Los Angeles!

yes, please

They had me at scallop.

The evenings program will feature music, stand up comedy and screenings of different shorts/videos starting at about 8 pm. Come early to try out Karma’s new menu (we’re told not to miss the popcorn shrimp) (SHRIMP!!!!!) (!!!) Episode 8 is a big hit with Dish! Fans and features the amazing Vanessa and French Stewart jazzing up our kitchen. Big Flavors from the Big Easy are tasty tasty/nice nice and since it’s getting so close to Fat Tuesday, don’t you think you should be gettin yo Nola on??? #comehungry

As they say, “Karma’s a bitch, so be Good” and come see the DIO! family and friends January 23rd. Click thru for Karma’s website.

Come Weds1/23!!

Make like a lizard…

Open everyday from 5pm to 12:00am (Sun to Wed), to 2:00am (Thur, Fri, Sat)

Karma Lounge
3954 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90004
Reservations (213) 375-7141



Christmas Eve

AAAAAaaaaaaaah, home for the holidays! Dish It Out is Out! Literally, we’re on the road. Eating a frenzy towards New Year’s. Boot camp has been replaced with food camp. No carb left behind. Cleaning your plate is the highest compliment (and in some countries, so is belching). Seconds is expected, thirds is the new black. Doctor who? Long armed people eat better. I can’t believe that’s not margarine. Feed me, Seymour. Reckless abandon. Need I go on? Oh, but I will.

eat in the manger you animal

Major Manger Mangia

Christmas Eve has a tender place in my heart, stomach, heart. It’s a fantastic night for eating special foods and for getting together with the near and dears. A couple lifetime’s ago we used to gather with my awesome Godmother and her five children. (Aunty Mary will get her own post)  It was a standing event at which we’d eat some fantastic stuff. My cousin Joey’s calamari; amazing. Aunty Mary’s clam chowder is still the benchmark for comparison. There was always good eating. As I got older I had to have my own Christmas Eve Open House.  I made great efforts in decorating, cooking and hosting. Truth be told, I have more than a normal amount zeal for the holiday in my DNA. Tinsel in the cards, wreath on the truck, I’ve been seen wearing antlers. I am a man on a mistletoe. The stakes were high, and soon the guests would be. I would see to it with witty holiday napkins and carefully suspended glass ornaments, with nicely garnished canape plates  and spicy cocktail onions that we would eat drink and be merry (or sally or trish or carole) We would make that little cottage by Long Island Sound as full of laughs and love as our stomachs would soon be. Hey, it was Christmas Eve.

That’s what makes the night for me, the gathering and the grazing. There may be no room at the Inn, but there’s gonna be a spot with the Spats’. It’s important to me to put the year to an end in the prescence of good friends and family. Equally impressive is the care that we put into our food then. This extra love put into every bite is awesome to me. We eat the things not made regularly or that are for special occasions only.  We use the good olive oil, the good china. Our near and dears are in the house, we’ve all made it another year, come hungry and all that.  I suspend my exercise regimen (and sometimes my fat pants) during the Holiday Season. I think it provides me with more time to enjoy the meal. I can always walk the meal “off” and have a conspiratorial visit with a loved one. Quality time’s made here.

In fact, our recent trip back east was strewn with quality time and great visits. Mick and I stayed with Jo Jo who saw to it that our glasses were never empty and the bed was warm. We made sure that all of her dogs received an equal amount of attention. I swear there were ten of them. Alright, maybe three. Jo and I served time together in a restaurant cursed with great food and shiftless owners. It was our salad days if you will. A fantastic host,  she put us up to stay even while having her family for dinner the next day. She had snacks ready to drop on our first night of tasty crackers, shrimp, cheese and olives. I could live on this. She then buried us in homemade meatballs, sauce and spaghetti. Oh, and she took care of any extra space with broccoli rabe and sausage stuffed bread. In case the bed was lumpy the bread in the tummy could be slept on. We pulled out the war stories and stopped short of the photo albums. While the time disappeared with the wine, night became day. We awoke to wrap and run. Down the stairs we bound to find her holiday dinner going on all cylinders. Her family was arriving any minute  but breakfast made with love, was awaiting on the back burner. . She couldn’t send me to a family dinner hungry, it was after all a very long 45 minutes until. We stayed two more nights and contemplating Occupying Guest Room.

It was a Christmas Eve like any other; Awesome!