Foy, Soy And A Veggie Po’ Boy.

We are so excited for our latest alliteration. The musicality is so bouncy. These titles come in dreams and then we cast accordingly. Imagine the dream that brought us Colleen Foy?  We are even more excited for Episode 7. There were so many elements and schedules to be engaged. A working Hollywood Actress is not an easy mark.

Colleen rules! Colleen eats!

They are often found running between yoga, agent’s offices, auditions, shamans and vegan lunch spots. As this town makes Lunch a full-contact sport we wanted Colleen on our team.

Colleen Foy just makes it look easy. She’s an actor’s actor that hits all the marks. She arrives prepared, on time, brilliant and beautiful. Colleen teaches starting actors Scene Study. She has such a wonderful array of work for viewing. She’s got PSA’s to educate, she’s got drama’s to awe. She’s been a darling of the internet, she’s got comedic chops.  Even greater than her stage credits or the fact that her first major movie was with Daniel Day Lewis is….. she’s been on Sesame Street!!!!!! Muppet Power!!! Colleen couldn’t have been any cooler for this shoot.

It’s funny when you have to feed an actress, they usually don’t eat. Our craft services in the past have been mineral water and sugar free Altoids. Colleen Foy wasn’t that girl. She CAME HUNGRY!!!! We love this. Her talent and appetite for good things is stunning to watch, you’ll agree. Feeding her vegetarian diet was our number one priority. And anyone that comes to our table does not leave on an empty stomach.Many ideas were tossed about, and then it came in a vision!  There Will Be Food. For Foy. Soy? Aaaaah, a Veggie Po’ Boy…….that Banh Mi that we’d been obsessing over lately. Happy Dance ensued for the rest of the production meeting. Oh, this is one for our Client List. A Veggie Po’ Boy that would pack in the flavor and be W.EZ (wicked easy) for the home cook to make. And tofu? Soy bean curd? How can we make that appealing for America Adjacent ie, anywhere between LA and NYC? How are we to show them how best to work their soon to be new best friend? We researched many a marinade, found that pressing issue (literally press the water out of that bad boy). For a while in the R & D wing of the DIO Network it was a full on Tofu-palooza. Hoo Doo That Tofu That You Do So Well. Here’s the winner recipe for your soy.

Top Tofu Marinade

1/2 Cup Soy Sauce

1/4 Cup Chili Oil

1/4 Cup Sesame Oil

Lots of chopped fresh garlic

Lots of chopped fresh ginger

Use this as a base, and then get creative. Citrus is nice in this. As is lemongrass, agave, chilis and star anise. Tofu needs to be pressed between paper towels for 30-45 minutes to get in a good shape for it’s Top Marinade Treatment

Also in Episode 7 we made some Kale Chips that were delicious.

Kale Chips

One head Kale rinsed and DRIED.

Seperate into bite sized leaves (use own mouth as guide)

Toss with one Tablespoon Olive Oil and season with flavor du jour; Old Bay, House Seasoning, Lawry’s, Sunil’s,

Bake at 300 degrees for about 20 minutes, turning leaves over half way during cooking time.

Episode 7 goes live tonight and we’re very proud of it. Hope it inspires you to take in a vegetarian and feed them rockstar quality lunches. Or at least do something different for noontime that’s good for you. And one day, when you do try one of these recipes, and you know you will when you speak of them, be kind. Name that play……….Colleen, don’t help them.

We’re Out!

Colleen Foy