Tasty & Refreshing; It’s Dish It Out!!!

Happy Birthday Charlene Tilton!

Thanks to you wonderful viewers who shared your holiday pies in #showusyourpie this weekend. Such taste, such fruit so sweet. We can  only follow it up with sweet petit and to the meet and greet,

A great neighbor

America’s sweeheart and little sister (click to see her DIO! episode.

Ms Charlene Tilton! Charlene celebrates her wonderful Dec. 1 birthday with family and close friends. We were blessed to have her in our studio for one of our early episodes, and blessed to be able to call her friend. Happy Birthday Char Char! May your day be full of light & love, and your year to come be delicious. Can’t wait to break bread, or bad, again. xo



Meat. Jeff Parker. Meet Jeff Parker.

A long time ago, in a backyard far far away, an alliance was formed. Formed over cupcakes. We had arrived at a holiday barbecue with lots of interesting people to meet. Meet over meat, how sweet. We were admiring these perfect Hostess cupcakes that someone had on a tray as dessert. Really ingenious, un-wrap some favorite childhood snack for everyone and present it on a fun tray for your party guests. Saves time, and sweat. Ha Ha. When we met the fella who brought these treats we were floored to know that they were indeed MADE BY THE CHEF. They were perfect to the eye, easily mistaken for the lunchbox staple. Who was this chef? A Hollywood make-up wizard? We weren’t far from the truth, Jeff Parker makes the delicious, gorgeous.

Jeff cries, "Fowl".

Jeff cries, “Fowl”.

Jeff Parker is the founder, guy in charge and head dishwasher of Food Crew,  a great outlet for the man whom teachers remarked, “he’d be a great student if he could sit down and shut up.” Food Crew creates amazing food and beverage recipes,  styles food for television and print, teaches workshops and writes about food. Playing with his food at an early age brought inspiration to this artist. Imagine Food Crew to be a culinary trek through the Emerald City; their wares are bound to be tasty, pretty and capable of making even witches drop by.

Like so many chefs, Jeff’s passion for cooking came about as a child watching The French Chef with Julia Child and Graham Kerr as The Galloping Gourmet. This and a fair amount of pulling out pots and pans and playing “Grocery Store”.  Jeff cut his teeth in this mother’s spice cabinet, creating delicious food and big bold flavors…something that today is still his culinary signature.

Very Hands-On, Jeff Parker

Very Hands-On, Jeff Parker

All that “Grocery Store” visualization came to light when Jeff opened the country’s first low-fat restaurant and grocery store, Fresh Start Market in Dallas, TX in 1993. An immediate success, Fresh Start attracted loyal fans and international media attention, including a segment on the newly born TV Food Network.

Los Angles welcomed Jeff to their exploding food community. In 2003, Jeff Launched On The Range, a personalized home chef service featuring fresh, appetizing and nutritious meal plans. Jeff soon cultivated a trove of busy hungry professionals and families that “ate up” On The Range.

ready for camera

ready for camera

On The Range became Food Crew to house Jeff’s growing involvement in culinary media. His creativity and culinary skills brought him to the attention of one of the Food Network’s highest-rated personalities; Jeff acted as Culinary Director for “Semi-Homemade Cooking” for 5 years.

Over cupcakes & hamburgers (a Meet & Sweet) we discussed Jeff coming onto DIO! to guest star. He was immediately enthused with our little show and it’s culinary direction. We all love fresh big flavors, made with some flair. Good to the taste, good to the waist. Over cupcakes we met, and the rest is truly tasty.

Jeff Parker:

website http://www.foodcrew.com

blog http://www.jeffparkercooks.com

twitter @jpcooks

instagram @jpcooks

pinterest www.pinterest.com/jpcooks/food-crew/


We Love Lucy!!!!

Guess who’s back? Back again? That’s right, it’s JR, Bobby and the  Ewing Family. TNT’s reboot of iconic TV’s ‘Dallas’ has invited a new generation to “Drill Baby, Drill” Sibling rivalry, deceit and GREED are back in vogue. Come share in the crude backstabbing, pun intended, and unabashed primetime drama that made a dynasty, pun intended again. The show has teeth, tenure and Texas, much more not needed. As it figures itself out it would behove the family dynamics to bring trouble maker little sister Lucy back for some added chaos. As a youth she turned Southfork on it’s ear with each bad decision, as an adult it would blow viewer minds to know how a vixens grow up and lessons she willingly shares. Keep growing Dallas! We’re watching.

Here’s little Lucy on a good day, with a knife and a smile. Miss Charlene Tilton, Ladies and Gentlemen.

oh, and look she’strending…

The face that launched a thousand bar fights.

Charlene Tilton returns to ‘DALLAS’ and Trouble hasn’t looked this good in a long time.

as American as it gets.