Tasty & Refreshing; It’s Dish It Out!!!

Miss Mary Hatch Hatch Hatch.

It’s not meant to be annoying, it’s meant to be delicious.

Lil' Wrathscallion

Lil’ Wrathscallion

Welcome to full swing Hatch chile season, got fire? This weekend we had blazed up bunch of beautiful chiles from Melissa’s Produce and had a moment of clarity; Hatch Bloody Marys!! Put that pepper in a glass all it’s own.

Use that pepper in the cocktail that drinks like a meal. The recipe came fast –

Miss Mary Hatch Hatch Hatch

1 T granulated sugar

1 T fresh ground pepper

1 T kosher salt

1 medium shallot chopped

1/2 cup roasted Hatch chiles (peeled & seeded)

1 T Worstershire 

2 T Sriracha 

The lady in red, don't keep her waiting.

The lady in red, don’t keep her waiting.

1 48 oz. vessel of V-8

Hurl all ingredients into blender with love. Blend to a nice consistency and serve with favorite spirit; vodka, tequila, gin, The Ghost Of Christmas Past. Serve over ice and garnish with your favorite bloody garni. Trends include, lemon, lime, pickled green beans, shrimp cocktails, olives, stuffed olives, hatch chiles, the kitchen sink, rosemary sprigs, cucumbers, celery, bacon, an odd bedroom slipper, caper berries, joy, baby carrots, marinated mushroom. Be creative! Be daring! Be peppery! B, is for Bloody Mary. 




Jesse’s Fountain Of Youth Smoothie!!

You will absolutely love this elixir that Celebrity Chef-Healthy Lifestyle Specialist (say that 3X’s fast) JESSE BRUNE has turned millions on to.

Ponce de Les Gimmesome

Ponce de Les Gimmesome

Fountain of Youth Blue-Pom Smoothie
1 cup blueberries
1 cup pomegranate juice
1/2 cup ripe avocado
1 tbsp raw honey (we use Karma’s Agave, you should too)
1 cup vanilla coconut milk

1 teaspoon cinnamon (our addition) 


Blend all ingredients until a nice, smooth consistency is achieved. Serve chilled.

I shared this recipe on Marie Osmond’s show “Marie”.  Did you know that blueberries + pomegranate are really great for maintaining your skin’s youthful appearance?  No jokin’ – check out this SUPER SIMPLE recipe and give it a try.  You can make it in seconds and your skin will thank you for years to come!  

– Jesse Brune, jessebrune.com

Friends With Bennies.

Today, April 16th there are two overlapping holidays; National Eggs Benedict Day & Day Of The Mushroom. While the second appears suspect, we embrace it. We choose Joy here. We understand that the fungus has a National day October 16 but sympathize in that maybe it deserves two? Mushrooms have lousy cred if you think about it. It takes pigs to find them in France. They have symbolized nuclear destruction. The growing process involves keeping them in the dark & feeding them manure. We welcome their day!

National Eggs Benedict Day is a little treasure too. Such a luxurious way to start the day. Poached eggs, English muffin, hollandaise, and ham are the traditional ingredients. But this recipe continues to evolve. Sometimes there will be spinach or asparagus added. It can be fantastic with crab or lobster in place of ham. A favorite from a long gone breakfast temple on The CT Shoreline, was the Martha’s Vineyard Eggs. Two perfect poached egged atop fresh picked lobster claw meat with crisp asparagus. Generously sauced in hollandaise, the MV Eggs came on a fresh baked English muffin that was flaky heaven sent yumminess. We came back often for plates of Martha’s Vineyard Eggs, not even blinking that it was the only thing we had ever eaten there. This Temple Of Breakfast actually boasted one of  my first head shots on the wall.

Side of Ham?

Side of Ham?

Obviously a talisman to “Come Hungry”, hopefully not a reason the place closed two years later.

Today in recognition of both holidays DIO! salutes two favorite foods with a tribute from Marmalade Cafe in Los Angeles! Marmalade’s Portobello Benedict is a new obsession of ours. The shroom has seized position from the English and there is spinach aplenty, Popeye. The sauce is always delicious, the cocktails are too. Marmalade has many locations to find your Bennie at, so there’s no need for the Le cochon francaise mentioned afore. (Dish! You spoke French…) We frequent the Sherman Oaks location and usually order the same thing every time. Funny what becomes a creature of habit most. We should probably send them a headshot.

Our go-to for Mushroom/Bennie at Marmalade Cafe

Our go-to for Mushroom/Bennie at Marmalade Cafe

Marmalade Cafe

Sherman Oaks, CA


Located at the corner of Ventura Blvd and Kester
tel: 818.905.8872

National Sticky Bun Day!

Hedy makes magic like this

Hedy makes magic like this

Not that we’re ever in need to celebrate, the holidays just seem to find us. And look here, buns!! Desert served at breakfast! A great way to feel like you’ve stepped over the drudgery and gone directly to sweetcity. Put a smile on your face, and probably a little sugar residue. Make the time to treat yourself on this cold February day and bun-ish the blues, get a sticky bun. (photo via Food Network)

Our favorite to the date was one we had at the little Whistle Stop Cafe in Deep River, CT. Owner/Chef/Magician Hedy Watrous fresh bakes her buns and if she’s sweet on you, she’ll drop it french toast batter and griddle you up a slice of heaven. It was a time-stand-still kind of moment. It was Christmas in 2011 but we’re still tasting heaven. Thanks Hedy! Go see her and read about Whistle Stop Cafe here…

Heeeeeerrrreeee's Heddy! Owner Chef

Heeeeeerrrreeee’s Heddy! Owner Chef

The Whistle Stop Cafe

108 N. Main Street

Deep River CT  06417





Whistlestop Cafe.

Who said you can never go home? Besides several lawyers with restraining orders and angry townspeople holding torches? We all make mistakes. Home is where the heart is. Home is where you don’t have to explain yourself. Your friends don’t need it and your enemies won’t believe it. Home is, fill in cliché here, I’m tired. I spent a fair amount of time on the CT Shoreline, or as I call it, Yankee Key West. It’s a charming series of towns by the CT River and the Long Island Sound.  The local people are an amazing clatch of colorful personalities. All tasty in their own right. I’d blow through the area between acting jobs, just long enough to piss off the lawyers and townspeople, meet some cool people and sally forth. (not her, but you get my meaning) I was taught at an early age the good people find each other. I’m a firm believer in this. Actually I’m not very firm from all I’ve eaten lately, but again I digress. Birds of a feather and all that.

This is counter intelligence in Deep River CT

It was on one of these Foxtrot through Yankee Key West that I found another good person. Slightly after Star Wars and just before cell phones I met Hedy. She was a senior bartender at a rooftop deck on the main drag. I was naught but a child in his early twenties. I was the day guy who cut her fruit and stocked her beer and cleaned what she missed. An apprentice to the magic I like to think. Pecking orders. The establishment’s owner conceived this money-maker renovation and built the enormous platform atop his prime rib seafood shanty. It was kind of like a ginormous deck chair for hundreds of tourons (tourists-morons) to come tumbleweed through and eat a basket of fried clam strips. It required a doubling of staff and a bitch of a stair case to the main kitchen. It required us learning how to shuck and jive. We had a raw bar. It still haunts me. Hedy and I worked well together; I’d run my young ass down to retrieve all our hot orders and she’d shuck the half shell orders standing still under an electric fan. I should mention the humidity on the CT Shoreline’s cruel. Did I mention the stair case was a bitch? Moving on. This deal seemed fair at the time.

Hedy was always sharing great stories and I loved hearing them.  Her easy manner let her talk to anyone about anything. This impressed the hell out of me. I learned lots from people like her. We had a mutual love of good living, good eating and good stories. With her fresh from Key West and me thinking my next adventure was going to be Hollywood we bonded quickly in our tales of revelry. I don’t recall seeing her after this one summer in the early nineties.

arms extended, you can span the width of this place. lying down, you could fall asleep. It happens.

One day she arrived to work beaming on the previous great night’s episode. She regaled me on how she had been in a chef’s kitchen (she was always meeting people and gaining invites) learning to make a veal stock. The chef, his wife and Heddy laughed, drank wine and nibbled while tending their cauldron. They created a tasty little liquid which she shared. It blew my mind one could do this outside of restaurant of a culinary institute. Her glow of having savored the experience was right pretty on her. It makes me smile to this day.

Which brings me  two decades later and without my prized mullet to my story. Dish It Out was on the road recently eating our way around Yankee Key West whilst visiting family for the holidays. We had just left a very early appointment with our wedding caterer Andrea (much more on her and Cloud Nine Catering soon) feeling peckish. The sights and sounds of Deep River called me back to my youth. That and a reasonable hunch that I wouldn’t be easily recognized  with out my Billy Ray Cyrus hair style and MC Hammer baggie pants. We explored the main drag, finding an old dive bar that had provided me a supposed good time or two. Aah, Calamari’s, the name says it all. It was cloudy. The memory, not the day. When the Whistle Stop caught my hungered eyes. Also if I don’t feed Mick on a regular basis he tends to claw at the interior of the car and chew on stuff. It’s not pretty. In we went.

The clutter on the counter charmed me.  Jars of exotic teas and lemonades provided a defense line from surly early morning New Englanders. I figured it was psychology to put medium bright colors in front of their faces to lull them out of their mid winter doldrums.With enough bric a brac to occupy their wait. Overthinking it? I don’t believe so. Then again a multi ink pens activate my ADD.  The smallness that was the cafe was Gulliver-esque.  We got a warm “Good Morning. Anywhere you like..” from the waitress and the lady working the griddle. I saw a stack of plates to the chef’s right that were the same Corning plates we had growing up (aw, heart). They were inexpensive and plentiful. This broad was seriously prepared to cook. She had enough sauces and containers around her to make a Hogwart’s professor nervous. It was her smile that was familiar, and the sparkling eyes. Oh, wow. It’s Hedy. I tuned in on the voice and it all came back to me. Hadn’t thought of the upper deck summer in years, and I went right back there. I could feel the stiff uniform, the humidity and the cold little necks clams to shuck.

Heeeeeerrrreeee's Hedy! Owner Chef

Hugs and exclamations scared the patrons for a moment but they aptly resumed their daily bread. We filled in the last two decades, her with raising children me with racing around. She’d been in the Cafe for 15 years now, I’d been  in six states (not counting disarray) She was exactly the same, and told me I was too. These moments are pretty cool. Coming home and all that rot. She sat us back down, picked up an enormous cinnamon bun with thick with icing like I wish I had  hair. She sliced it in half like a bagel, rolled it in vanilla french toast batter and griddles us a little nice nice. “Ooooooh, that’s really going to suck” Mick and I thought. yummoShe put it down with her compliments to start our bfast. Oy. Then came my Cannes Benedict; herbed chevre, fresh organic baby spinach, shallots, bacon and eggies. So good. I don’t want this holiday to end (loosens belt)  I’m not sure what Mick was eating as he had his head down too, meaning he couldn’t be disturbed. You know how you never bother a bear or large dog when their eating? Same rules apply in our relationship. Hedy makes her own granola, sauces, soups, stocks (surprise!) and specialty spreads. She makes outstanding hash; clam, ham, corned beef and pastrami. You never heard of clam hash? Oh, well welcome to New England. She does breakfast and lunch. She’ll cater your wedding or even your family picnic. Need a romantic dinner on the beach? Yeah, she’s got that for you. And all the while raising two great kids. Hedy Watrous’ The Whistle Stop Cafe’ on N. Main Street in Deep River is a little slice of home. Thanks Hedy,  I was glad to come home and find this little slice.

Note to wedding guests, this place is a must do.

And no lawyers or angry townspeople were hurt in our Eating Across CT Shoreline Odyssey.

The Whistle Stop Cafe

108 N. Main Street

Deep River CT  06417




11 September, 2011 13:39

Kegs & Eggs; brunch in SMonica @ Fig. Blood orange/beet mimosas or bottomless pints with your entrees. I had me some steak & eggs & Mick had a bacon waffle ala mode w/ bacon ice cream. Crazy tasty. They do a lot of farm fresh menu items, & no qualms about telling you they do. And serious, the waffle had bacon, bacon batter and a bacon ice cream….take a look.

eat this

Mick's bfast is fit for a pig, or from one.