Tasty & Refreshing; It’s Dish It Out!!!

Get Stuffed! Sunil Or Later! New Episode, great porkchop!

Time for swine.

Click for Sunil… Time for swine.

Karma Lounge’s Kool Press.

Karma Lounge, Tops in LA Lounge Scene.

Karma Lounge, Tops in LA Lounge Scene.

Many congratulations to Karma Lounge; The Gem for being touted as one of the top Lounges in Los Angeles (something we already knew) Acclaimed Chef Rafael Dumas and Mixologist Igor Fedenkov open doors to great tastes, cool sounds and slick beverages. Good times spent with Karma can only come come back well for you. Karma Lounge is a great event in itself, but also hosts great shows. Check them out and see what’s new.

National Tequila Day!!!

Karma Diem, babies.

Karma Diem, babies.

How exciting to be celebrating our first National Tequila Day with our very good friends at KARMA Tequila!!! We are extremely lucky to have such nice people in creative places. Sponsorship by Kotex while lovely would not be as fun in the Swag Department, you know what we’re saying here?

And it’s equally as wonderful to announce our FIRST EPISODE FROM SEASON 2 is finished and will air this week. Walk the dog, cop a squat, pour the Karma and good things will follow. The very cool, very fun JESSE BRUNE came by to share some sweets and deets. Jesse is a life transformation mastermind; skilled chef, personal trainer and life coach. Jesse is the real deal and more on him soon, we’re sweet on him. Stay tuned and come hungry.

Oh, and just a quick note here. Today also happens to be our dear Marie Pettit’s birthday!! We know, so much Joy in one post today. Wildly exciting!! Marie is our AD, PA, Muse and Production Manager for DIO! She is the fiber in our reader’s digestion, the cream in our coffee. Plus she has the director Chris Gregson’s ear. She got the rest too, by marrying the man. We have a marvelous team and choose to celebrate every step of the way. Much JOY and love to Marie!

Choosing Joy in Penguin Suits. Love!

Choosing Joy in Penguin Suits. Love!

Bar Melody, Westchester

DIO fan Matteo has long boasted of the burger at Bar Melody out by LAX. It’s his go to spot pre travel. We make no pains about research for our show. Burgers and dogs could be our thesis. Today we had to make an airport run & have found our way here. Burger ordered, stay tuned…….

Please know that Westchester CA is not the most scenic area of Los Angeles. It’s kinda, urban.  Let’s say it’s Up And Coming. Amidst metro squalor is a hole in the wall. Bar Melody has red velour wall paper, tin roof and dimpled upholstery on the bar facade. It has a lobster claw tank that you would find in a carnival. Only this has real lobsters. I was sure some one had stolen the sawdust from the floor. And yet there was more beneath the surface. On one corner of the bar top two soccer moms discuss the price of avocados over a reasonable priced Sauvignon Blanc.  Opposite them car salesmen claim that ciabatta makes a better sandwich bread. Over their heads is putty filling in bullet holes. A cross section all walks of life. Los Angeles.

The planes going in and out of LAX rattle the roof like a train would a roadhouse saloon. I was certain that I heard landing gear graze the roof. That loud. Loud. All part of the charm.

Hood winked


The bartender is extremely amiable, and pours a great PBR. Discussing the menu and the recent turnabout of the dive to dine attitude of Melody, he had me at “farm to table”. The menu had rice bowls, bacon wrapped dates, pot stickers, salmon tempura and ingredients making a Foodie google. It offers entrees, sides, starters and smart salads. We were focused on the sandwiches. Mmmmmm. Salmon Club Sandwich with pesto mayo. The Melody Burger! Carmelized onions await, on a pretzel bun to boot. We mowed down a plate of steak fries with bacon, gorgonzola and truffle oil. Sriracha on hand to assist. We hit the lobster mac and cheese hard. Wait a minute, isn’t there a tank by the pool tables that……forget about that. The burger was all I was promised. Sweet potato fries and house special aioli on the side, ooooh, Mercy. Bar Melody has all the comforts of a dark east coast bar with the food sensibility that Angelenos regularly photograph.

Matteo was right. This place is fantastic. Like much of the City of Angeles, what’s revealed beneath belies the exterior. You’d drive right by Bar Melody on the way to the airport  but you’d really be missing out. Great burger, great bar. Happy Lunching.

9132 South Sepulveda BoulevardLos Angeles, CA 90045(310) 670-1994