Episode 1; Squash In Time

Well here we go! The first of our webseries, DISH IT OUT!!! As I’m learning my way around WordPress I hope you’ll be patient. Uploading videos and I are still in negotiations on who’s the boss. Who’s the boss? Well Tony, Dancer. Hold me closer Tony Danza. I digress. We appreciate all the hard work and support we’ve been getting along the way and want to especially thank DP Chris Gregson and Assistant Marie Petit. These two playmates of ours make work so easy and collaborating, oxygen. Chris’ direction has brought this project to Life and his mad camera skills make me look godlike. Marie brilliantly juggles tasks as some of those tasks is Juggling. Thank you,  Producer Michael Vinton without whom all those test recipes would be for the birds. Or the neighbors. Or my neighbors The Byrds. Oh, and thank you voices in my head, for occupying my attention for so many fun years!!

So cop a squat, pour some wine, tune in and get some DISH IT OUT! Come  hungry we are full of ourselves and very excited to share it with y’all.