Buona Pasqua From Dish It Out!

Look and love Aunty Goosey and Momma Spats taking in our latest episode. Mind you, they did eat first. They’re not savages. They enjoyed the ham and lamb and company first. Only then did they sit down in front of the ‘computer thingy’ to watch our little skit.

Grey & Goose

Grey & Goose

Happy Birthday, Sheena Metal!!!

Our first guest in HD was the Queen of LA Nightlife, the busiest woman in show business and the biggest heart of an enormous tribe of creatives, the one and only Miss Sheena Metal.

Sheena hosts the thriving ‘Sheena Metal Experience’ on  LA Talk Radio among other shows. She acts, directs and produces. She volunteers, organizes and supports. She’s one in a million and if you click on the picture you can see her prep chili in a kitchen. It’s soo worth it.

We love you Sheena!

It's her show, but it's your Experience

It’s her show, but it’s your Experience

How I Met Marie, tonight!!!!



For those of you in the know Marie Pettit is our saving grace, goof and goddess. Not only is she our show’s production assistant but she also is our muse, counsel, and joy. She juggles (Episode 5), she laughs, she inspires. Marie makes all DIO! events a breeze and she’s married to director Chris Gregson to boot! A package deal we adore. Please catch a little of our Marie on this evenings rerun of “How I Met Your Mother” The Nanny Episode, she rocks.

Episode 7; Foy, Soy And A Veggie Po’ Boy.

Come hungry, here’s Colleen Foy and Tony Spatafora doing lunch!