THE WINNER!! Our First Pumpkin Carving Contest!!

Ladies and Gentlemen and those undecided it is with enormous pride and seedy vegetable jokes that we present to you Mary Beth,

Mary Beth, a cutter.

Mary Beth, a cutter.

our winner of the First Annual DIO! Pumpkin Carving Contest!! Mary Beth enjoys good books, wine and pleasant conversation. When not indulging in any or all of that she can be found competing semi professionally as an Origami Artist. Her thirst for deeper meaning on matters anthropological is evident in her genealogical charting the families and clans in “Game of Thrones”.  Mary Beth’s carving artistry has it’s tenets in chainsaw log shearing that she mastered early when many young girls dabbled with “Easy Bake Ovens”.  She also credits the ‘Red Wedding’ in Game Of Thrones as motivational when carving.  A cut above, Mary Beth squashed the competition this season with her “Pantry Raid” study in pumpkins

Note S &P, Garlic.

Note S &P, Garlic.

Do you cook?

I do like to cook, I just hate the clean up later

What’s your favorite thing to make?

I love cooking in a crock pot, especially stew with some toasty bread, but I love spending a small amount of time preparing and then everything gets cooked just right like magic

 What’s your favorite thing to eat?

My favorite thing is chocolate, really in any form. Just simple squares on the couch or some spicy mole sauce over enchiladas

Best thing you ever ate?

The best food I’ve ever eaten is probably grilled meats while camping. Somehow it just tastes better when you have to keep an eye out for falling leaves or the stray bug

 Favorite Episode of DIO?

The St Patrick’s Day episode of DIO is my favorite because it is the first time I’ve seen a really appetizing corned beef and cabbage

 Favorite Segment?


Have you tried any of the recipes?

I haven’t tried any of the recipes yet, mostly because I haven’t been home since watching DIO, but I am absolutely dying to make the lamb with garlic in it with my mom as soon as I get to visit


If you were a food, what would you be?

If I were a food I would be a potato

Favorite meal?

Dessert definitely
All meals should have chocolate

Childhood food memory?

With that in mind, childhood food memory: When I was a kid we used to go camping in the Florida Keys for a long weekend with a bunch of family and the last morning when everyone was wrapping up tents there was always a few adults in charge of cooking all the food that was left over because no one wanted to take it home. So for breakfast we would have powdered donuts with grilled chicken and key lime pie and whatever else was taking up space in the cooler.

Favorite holiday?

My favorite holiday is definitely St Patrick’s Day. My dad’s side is very Irish and they might get together for Christmas, but we always get together in March for some bagpipes.

What will you absolutely not eat?

I’ve never tried oysters, but it’s just not something that looks good to me. I can’t do weird textures in food and oysters just are on the top of that list

 Do you believe if one person cooks the other does the dishes?

I do believe that whoever doesn’t cook should do the dishes, but in practice as long as they get done I’m not too worried about it

Favorite cuisine?

My favorite cuisine is definitely Italian food. My mom’s family is Italian and I did a study abroad in Italy, so Italian food is always good for me

How long have you been a pumpkin carver?

I carved my first pumpkin unassisted in middle school but it’s been a tradition in our house as long as I can remember.

What are your go to tools for the task?

We use the standard tools you get in the cheap sets at the store with the stencils. (In college once at a party they had a carving contest with only steak knives and up to giant murder knives, and they are just too clumsy for me).

What do you do with the seeds?

And I do cook up the seeds afterwards. The recipe I have only calls for salt so I always try something new; this year it was a little Lawry’s seasoning and garlic powder

 Do you become emotionally attached with your pumpkins?

I get really sad when my pumpkins start to wilt and mold because I do get really proud of them. That first one I did myself in middle school, I was super excited to show my friends when they dropped me off after school on Nov 1st, but someone had smashed it while I was gone. It’s the only time I’ve ever had a pumpkin smashed, but it still hurts.

 What pantry item can you not live with out?

I always have a clove of garlic in my pantry. I am always looking for an excuse to mash-up some garlic and add it to a dish.

 Is it better to be well read or well-groomed.

Dating a shaggy literature grad, I am going to side with well read

 Favorite color?

Favorite color definitely green. A nice rich forest or Kelly green

 What kitchen tool can you not live with out?

As simple as it sounds, I can not live without my pot holders. All the other utensils I can jerry rig if I have to but I am just klutzy enough that the pot holders are the difference between getting food on the table and flinging it all over the walls

Favorite snack food?

Favorite snack food right now are just regular cheese sticks

Favorite beverage non alcohol

On that same Keys camping trip I learned how to make Pina Coladas, and since it was a bunch of doctors my favorite non alcoholic bev is Pediatric Pina Coladas

Favorite beverage  adult?

On the alcoholic side I am a wino at heart. In whites I love a good Riesling (Pacific Rim is my favorite brand by far) and reds  I like something med bodied like a Pinot Noir or a good blend

Who would you like to see on the show?

Patrick Stewart. Or Vin Diesel.  

Does Tony deserve a raise?

Tony definitely deserves a raise


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