Suite on Jesse Brune.

Several years ago Andy Cohen introduced me to my tumultuous relationship with Bravo TV and ALL their programming.  I don’t know if the slick packaging made it more easily palatable, “ooh the exasperating lives of the elite….give me more” or the amuse bouche of what living in a big city entailed, “do all women in the South drive new Range Rovers with a cold chardonnay?” I wanted Matchmakers, Housewives,  and Chef’s oh my. I was mincing, dancing, chopping and gasping.

Making you feel good; inside & out

Making you feel good; inside & out

And then I got an overwhelming desire to get a gym membership. “Work Out w/ Jackie Warner” enabled my DVR. Oh, let’s get physical. Bravo, Cohen, you got me. The mesh of personalities on the top of that building was so tasty. The sense of drama that someone might get tossed off the mountain top at anytime was primal. It was the schoolyard. It was the jungle gym my voyeuristic inner child needed to swing on. Aaaah, Reality Television my bittersweet lover.

And the one brilliant breakout that came down from the glass and steel mountain was Jesse Brune. Jesse, a certified personal trainer was cast as the young fresh face on the scene to spike the competition in the gym. Game, set, match. Following that Jesse  was to be found as a top gun in “Private Chefs Of Beverly Hills”. Oh, he’s also Le Cordon Bleu trained with mad skills, did that get left out? Jesse and his teammates catered to appetites and egos. Many a hangry client got served in Los Angeles. With aplomb, he was a peach to those around him. His prowess in the kitchen and capacity to care for those

Chef Jesse at one of his offices

Chef Jesse at one of his offices

around made for a double dose of great Brune. Oh, and bonus-we got to check out the kitchens of those fancy homes in BH.

And wait, there’s more. Jesse Brune is a regular on Home Made Simple, on the lovely OWN. He gets to mill around with the likes of the adorable Paige Davis. Jesse brings healthful living ideas through amazing recipes. It comes with a side of Joy.  His Fountain Of Youth Smoothie (I call it an elixir) he shared with the lovely Marie Osmond on her show “Marie”. His expertise has been featured widely on shows such as Home and Family, The Doctors, The Bonnie Hunt Show, Access Hollywood, and E! Network’s Red Carpet Oscar Special. He has also contributed  to: USWeekly Online, Life & Style, OK! Magazine,, OUT-Q radio,,, among many others. The man is everywhere. His robust nature and joy has brought him enormous success as a lifestyle transformation specialist. More details are available on his site, click thru photo below for much much more.

Jesse is co-founder and director of Project: Service L.A., a trans-denominational spiritual community that meets weekly in West Hollywood, CA.

Got Soul?

Got Soul?

DIO! is taking a great new direction in healthy ingredients being featured in delicious recipes. So many fruits, veggies, herbs and spices can do more for us once we get the skinny on them. We know our viewers come to the show hungry, but we want to send you away with a little something special. We were so fortunate to get some time in Jesse’s very busy schedule. A man with so much to share only get so many moments to stand still. Jesse has a knack for putting people at ease, no matter the circumstance. He cares what feeds your body, feeds your mind and soul. With that in mind, Jesse Brune was the perfect guest to launch our Second Season. We send our thanks our love and our HUGE CONGRATS on recently becoming engaged. Many more years of Laugh, Love and Light for you both!

We are stoked by our Episode “Sweet On Jesse Brune” and know that you will be too. Watch this space for time and place on SEASON 2 Premiere!! Come hungry and get ready to taste a better life…..

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