Red Carpet for DIO!

As fate would have it we have landed on Sunset Blvd. It’s not that we have taken to pan handling for pans, it’s that Mingle Media TV and New Media hosted a great party at The House Of Blues! DIO! met some of our colleagues/competitors and even won a raffle! We came hungry, and wouldn’t you know what happened next?

Congrats to Chris, Marie, Michael, Charlene, Sheena, Colleen, Jen, Vanessa, French, Alec, Diane, Jesse, Mo, Kristy, Patty, Bruce, Polly, Tony, Aunty Goosey, Sista Sal & Tony Rocco

3 thoughts on “Red Carpet for DIO!

    • Tony we love, love Dish it Out! Your show must air on the cooking channel. How do we help get you there? Oh, as followers now we assume we are on the silverware piece of the month mailing list!!!! We love you Tony!

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