Breakfast in Malibu

Let me tell you about the best breakfast burrito you’ll road eat in “The Bu”, The Country Kitchen. Wedged between a t-shirt shop & a liquor store is a take-away counter featuring bfast & lunch. It’s best burrito has sausage cheese avocado potatoes salsa, oh, & eggs. You pick them up wrapped in foil & ride! If you want to enjoy the local color, four small tables welcome you to see weekend bikers (Harley not Schwinn) discuss tax shelters, surf-bros discuss swells. You might even spot celeb’s grabbing quick stuff (Cuba, Jeff Lewis & jenni, an Arquette or 2, Dawson all have been around) The Burrito is the king of the menu so stop for one next time you’re trolling the PCH & when you do grab a couple of the pickled jalapeños in the white paper bags on the counter. F’ing yummy. The Country Kitchen
21239 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu CA 90265
!!!!!! Call ahead to pick it up all set to mangia
(310) 456-8708

2 thoughts on “Breakfast in Malibu

    • damn we did forget them. balls. we were too busy enjoying the ‘weekend warriors’ next to us quoting ‘Sienfeld’ in their pristine motor leathers. Hillaire. Great to see you. Fun episode coming up with vegan fare. Stay tuned.

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