5 November, 2011 15:34

So I’m completely devoted to dashi lately. Sauces, dressings & soups have all gotten happier to taste. I’m 2 steps away from a magical Bloody Caeser mix.Having quick available fish stock makes me smile.I thought I would clean out the pantry of all the partial bags of various legumes that were dominating a shelf. Quite a nice assortment in this Pantry Raid (cue the music). The beans were soaked overnight, rinsed & drained.We sauteed mirepoix, added garlic & aspargus pcs. When tender, in went 6 cups h20 & dashi. Up to a boil it went. In went lentils, navy, lima red kidney, black turtles, garbanzo (great name, garbanzo), great northern etc. I had a couple partial TJ’s 17 bean soup bags too that made the variety awesome. When everybody started getting along in the cast iron dutch oven (vessel of choice here @ DIO) we brought in some dried saffron, oyster sc & worcestershire. What’s a
Saturday afternoon without a pot of soup working? House smells like a home & this soup tastes like a star!

6 thoughts on “5 November, 2011 15:34

  1. so I’m in a closely heated debate on how to finish the soup. I’ve divided it into two batches; one I’ve finished with apple cider vinegar the other with cilantro and lime to finish it. I’m not sure which I like better. If you are close anyone reading this, you may come for a taste and tell me your choice!!!!

    • I would use either a good olive oil some fresh ground pepper (a maybe a dash of hot sauce) to finish or a dollop of sour cream and fresh chives!


  2. The cast iron Dutch Oven makes it so perfect! Soups, Stews and sauces always bring me back to my child hood, when my grandparents would wake at 4:00 AM and begin such things, usually starting with bones and water and before the day was done the entire house smelled of whatever was in their pot! I think it subconsciously adds to a positive attitude about life in general!!!!


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