No it’s not what you were thinking. If you thought this was a post about that poor Congressman keep reading, this is about the good stuff. This is about a recent article claiming that Angelenos consume more hot dogs than any other metropolitan area, yes, including NYC.


We have to hold on to something around here. The Big One could come at any moment. Let us be the big dog on this (you know I’m going to go there ad nauseum) Hollywood is a dog eat dog kind of town and sometimes a weiner can make good. Look at that guy that created ‘Mad Men’, see? I went there again. We need to claim something as our own besides basketball, mudslides and movie making. We need an identity that will stick and not have to have work done in ten years, to the

My Los Angeles Box Lunch

point where the original beauty’s gone. Insert Joan Rivers joke here. Besides being the center of plastic surgery in all the country, we are the number one hot dog eater in the land.

It’s written that last year we consumed more hot dogs than New York, Chicago or any other large metropolitan area. Tinsletown? Can you imagine? Why shouldn’t we relish this honor? We’ve been linked to many a significant food trend and are frank with our likes. It’s not uncommon to see people photographing their dinner before eating it. It’s lack of grace. Literally.  Angelenos are very serious about their food, vociferous on their food opinions and dogged in their pursuit of the latest-greates. Squabbles over best bites have lead to blogs, concierge services and restraining orders. Debates on food get contentious and sometimes broken up by authorities. Ask any eater in the City Of Angeles where their favorite food truck is and they’ll tweet it’s location for you. People think Sushi is japanese in origin but Studio City in the San Fernando Valley will claim otherwise. Contentious. Indulge me here. Hot dogs are no exception. Hence, The Weinergate. You can start a full on debate on where the best dog is. We have our Pink’s, our Carneys and now our own Papaya King. When you get right down to the meat of the matter, it’s all relative. Not in a Sweeny Todd manner but it’s to the taste of the Angeleno. Some people will flock for the nitrate filled bun you get after standing line at

Wilcox and Hollywood; go now and form your own opinion

Pinks for half an hour. Some need the Carney’s Rail Car experience to make good on a dog. Dodger Dogs are so relevanthave their own Facebook page. And some people need the enzymes of the papaya drink to keep the juices flowing. I’m a huge proponent for hot dogs and had to try the visiting King.

I did so love the beverage. The yummy papaya drink was great on the hot day (pun not intended). They also have a little nice nice called the Strawberry Fields. Taaasstttyy. It’s not summer until you drink something strawberry. I fully believe this. Kind of like you’re not on vacation until you drink something frozen.  The skinny on the puppy though, is okay. The flavor of the meat was great and the snap of the dog was nice. It was hearty in it’s original recipe and fantastic in the sauerkraut dog. I hit that puppy with really good golden mustard and smiled at the Lord. Julia Child proclaimed the King ‘the best hot dog in New York’. And I wouldn’t want to be the fool to disparage her. I just thought the size was a little….small, pequeno, gerkin. If you’re going to give me something, give me something.

This was the Pink's Trip where strangers asked to photograph our lunch.

I’m of the school where my lunch has been photographed. Tourists aspire to the indigestion I force on myself and the weary travelers in my care/car. I never pictured myself a size queen. Or any type of queen for that matter. But I do like pink…I will say it proudly, I’m a fan of Pink’s.

With July being our time to barbecue and celebrate Independence we salute the hot dog. The annual Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest is the only sporting event I watch religiously. I do enjoy Super Bowl commercials but watching Joey Chestnut defeat the competition does my heart good, if not his. I’ve blogged about this american icon at my other outlet; Spatagram


He’s my hero for doing the off beat and doing it in a champion style. He’s my hero because I think lunch is a competitive sport. He’s my hero for his name alone; Joey Chestnut, I mean….come on here. Here’s the thing that makes the Nathan’s Annual Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest (whew, that’s a mouthful) the resume’s that the competitors have is frightening. One man has won revered burrito eating contests. One woman is a champion oyster slurper. One fella claimed to be the greatest crawfish sucker of our times. This puts pie eating in a corner of the school. How did these feats of strength begin and who set the parameters? I know it was dark before the internet but was it this dark that someone needed to eat his weight in Hot Wings for bragging rights? What these contestants have done is nothing short of a miracle. They make a living doing the odd. They consume on a mass amount in recorded time. They have to defend against The Reversal Of Fortune, I would explain that if felt it needed. Do the math. I do so respect their sport and note that it’s smacks of an enormous consumption of Kool Aid to me, if you know what I mean.

Happy Fourth of July, I’ll let you know who wins the contest, Nathan’s not Los Angeles’ Weinergate.



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