some how I broild tritip aka Dinner Tonite Was Sublime…

Somehow I broiled some tri tip to perfection. Maybe it was the tenting it for 15 minutes that got it all back in order. I steamed some baby carrots with tarragon and celery seed, a little butter finish didn’t hurt them either. And my love affair with kale continues. Not only because when you hold kale by the stem it resembles a very fancy Givenchy gown (you have to squint just so in the right kind of light) but because it saute’s so very nice and makes me a healthier monkey as I eat it. Kale, it just sounds strong. Kale hit the olive oil love spa of my skillet and hooked up with some bean sprouts to make it a party. Sprouts wilted nicely and juiced up the Kale for great flavor and bites all around. So yummy.

This post was originally thought to have been a tweet (a tweet and delete) and when I saw it posted in the Dish-body it looked like a blackboard from my past. A scary scribe of school, scorned and screwy. It looked a little primitive for such a great dinner, that I just couldn’t let that get away from me.

Love and laughs to all, and Episode 4; Lucy Had A Little Lamb is in production! Watch for news, in one form or another (or an un clever mix of some) telling all.

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