4 thoughts on “2 April, 2011 03:42

    • Jealous and hot. fantastic meal last pm Ce Ce. Can’t wait to duplicate the recipes, call them my own and sell them to Martha. (Hail Martha) I think it was your hospitality that shined most, not tuckus under that short sundress. A great night with some great people. Well played Ce Ce, well played.

    • if only they were fried pickles. Me love them long time. They have a plate with pickled okra, tomatoes, spicy cukes, spicy peppers, pickled crimini mushrooms and sometimes pickled beets. The solutions very from ingredient to ingredient so the flavors are yummy. THis particular trip was to Umami in Fred Siegel’s in Santa Monica. So good. And the spicy pickle brine is nuclear. I love me some heat and this had me crying like a baby in a hot, packed church. Must have on your next visit Laurie. Yum yum nice nice.

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