Episode 2; Fish With A P, H.

We had joy, we had fun we had a pound and a half salmon but the thrills that we made were so tasty in a glaze. I wonder if anyone will recognize that song? I wonder if I shamelessly steal from other artists if I’ll be sued? I wonder, wah, wah, wah, wah wonder what they will say? My little attorney, run run attorney. Done with my old time rock and roll collection set to bore you and on with the show. Episode 2 teaches you the best way to cook fish in the oven simply and quickly. Also utilizes great items on hand in Pantry Raid. A tasty dinner is a few steps away and you won’t have to scour the valley looking for imported nuance to create art. Just steal it. I mean the moment, steal away and watch Fish With A P, H.

11 thoughts on “Episode 2; Fish With A P, H.

  1. Hey Tony!

    Loved seeing you. Thanks for including me. I will have to try this because I love salmmon.

    Please contact me when you come East.

    Kay Hall

    • Love this Tony! Is Dish it Out FB so I can share this with my FB friends? I have some haddock in the freezer and I’m wondering if it would work with that. Whaddya think?

      • It would be great w/ haddock, chilled vodka and a beet goatcheese salad with pistachios. Yummo for the tummo. Follow us on Twitter and here @ wordpress you can subscribe. I’ll be facebook ready soon but you can pass the video around ala youtube.
        Love ya Sarah!

  2. Are u kidding me?!?? How awesome is this video! Was Lol-ing, but taking notes too!!!!! You are changing the way I cook mister! Plus now I can play your videos while I cook and I’ll think you’re watching over me ready to slap me!!!! Kudos!!!

  3. tony I want to put this on my ribeye. do i grill the ribeye first and then bake the parm/horseradish topping? how long to i bake it?!?

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