Episode 2; Fish with a PH.

Here’s an image from our 2nd episode shot at our new set. I remember growing up we had a booklet from Disneyland that showed the behind the scenes construction of some of the park’s attractions. I was so fascinated by the photos of the load-out that they had,  to drive submarines and castle towers down to Anaheim. A lot of the  major set pieces had been built in Hollywood and nearby to be sent down to theme park site. As the construction continued, wild components were made and sent. How it must have looked to the commuters at the time, was probably a hoot. Please consider that road rage was undiagnosed then, gps was a paper road map and phones were still wired to walls. There wasn’t a lot happening on the freeways at that tijme. Driving one lane over from a calvary of seahorses. Funny stuff. It was slightly that way when we were loading in to our new set. I kept asking my self why I have the most random stuff. From Mick’s license plate to ‘Ralph’ the rubber rat my prop list is growing. But with these additions the space got warmer and the whole Dish! Team got more jazzed. Will I ever get over my need for toys and play solely with my food? Time will tell. OOOOOooooh, time, I need a giant Swatch watch to hang on the wall if anyone has one lying around. Mr Roger’s neighborhood, meet Dish It Out!


From ‘Fish with a PH’ or salmon recipe and quick tomato salad. Yuuummmmers.

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