Dine L A Starts this weekend.

Here's the Dish, Trish.....

If you haven’t done this before I highly recommend it. Not that anyone has a ton of disposable income lying around these days but Dine L A is an event worth skipping a utility bill for. Joke. Dish yourself out a little ‘Me Time’ and take advantage of some fantastic bargains out there. Give yourself a treat, check out something that’s been on your list to try or make somebody’s night and take them out to dinner. A night out in the middle of the week, is this madness??????? Check out the great list of participating places here:


Every year there are more and more places with Dine L A offerings. Granted every year there are more and more restaurants opening in Los Angeles. I like to go to the places that former contestants from Top Chef are currently at. Some might call this stalking, and they might be right. I call it pure fun. Go make a waiter happy and Dine L A. Let an owner pay for his kid’s private school next semester. And make a chef put down the noose…..Joke. Come hungry!

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